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Botox and Lip filling  is used for expression lines and wrinkles in the facial region and the lip filling  reatment best option to add volume to your lips


Botulinum toxin (or better known as BOTOX)

Is used for the management and prevention of expression lines and wrinkles in the facial region;  within its uses it is also known for the management of gummy smile (exaggerated exposure of the gums when smiling)
Subtle changes without generating expression of paralyzed face, giving a youthful appearance and preventively delaying the aging process of the skin of the face.

Lip profiling / lip filling, with Hyaluronic Acid

This is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that generates volume and hydration to the lips;  It is used to fill deep furrows of the skin, generating a rejuvenated appearance and a lifting effect. You can complement your smile design with voluminous and hydrated lips. You will look even more beautiful!

Lip Profiling
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